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●     Intelligent reverse polarity protection, power supply reverse polarity will not damageIC.
●     ICAnd a control circuitLEDA point light utility power .
●     And a control circuitRGBIn a chip5050Package components constituting a complete external control pixels.
●     Built-in signal shaping circuit , any one pixel signal is received through the waveform shaping and then output to ensure line waveform distortion will not accumulate .
●     Built-in power-on reset and brown-out reset circuit .
●     Trichromatic color of each pixel can be realized256Brightness display , complete16777216Colors all true color display , scanning frequency of not less than400Hz / is.
●     Serial cascade interface , through a signal line finish receiving and decoding data.
●     Pass any two points in the transmission distance of not more than5Without adding any circuit meters.
●     When the refresh rate30frame/Second, the number of cascades of not less than1024point.
●      Data transmission speeds of up to800Kbps.
●      Light color highly consistent , cost-effective .
●    Size:15 * 15
●     LEDFull-color light-emitting character string lights% 2C LEDFull-color module ,ledFull Color Flexible Strip Light Bar% 2C LEDGuardrail .
●   LEDpoint Light% 2C LEDPixel screen% 2C LEDShaped screen , a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment marquees .
Product Description:
1. WS2813BIt is a set of control circuit and lighting circuit in one of the intelligent external controlLEDlight source. Its shape and a5050LEDSame lamp beads, each element is a pixel . Pixels contained within an intelligent digital interface data latch signal shaping amplification drive circuit further includes a high-precision internal oscillator and12VProgrammable high voltage constant current control section ,Effectively guarantee the color of the pixel spot light uniform height.
2. NRZ data protocol uses a single line of communication, the pixels on the POR,DINReceives data transmitted from the controller over the first sent over24bitAfter the data is first extracted pixel , to the pixel data of the internal latch , the remaining data after the shaping process through the internal circuit is amplified by shapingDOOutput port begins forwarding to the next cascaded pixels , each pixel through a transmission , the signal reduction24bit. Pixel using automatic forwarding shaping technology, making the number of pixels of the cascade unlimited signal transmission , signal transmission speed is only limited .
3. LEDHaving a low-voltage driving , environmentally friendly energy , high brightness, large angle scattering , consistency , low power, long life and other advantages . The control circuit is integrated inLEDAbove, the circuit becomes more simple, small , easy to install even more .
Package Included:
3 x WS2812B-4 5V 5050 RGB LED Lamp Panel Board

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