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For different needs of customers, we offer 3 versions for you to choose from:

Function / ModelM18 (this item)
Micro power supply×
Audio headphone jack××
Built-in amplifier××√(5W+5W)
Lithium battery powered
Support USB sound card, free drive××
Volume memory/adjustment××
MUTE mute interface××
Button extension××
Bluetooth versionbluetooch V4.2
Support Bluetooth protocolHFPV1.7, A2DPV1.2, AVRCPV1.5, AVCTPV1.2, AVDTPV1.2
Format supportSupport WAV/WMA/FLAC/APE/MP3 lossless decoding, stereo two-channel output
Operating Voltage5V/3.7V-4.2V
Broadcast status not connected5.5MA
Connection working status20MA
Deep sleeping3UA
Transmission distance20 meters (empty or low interference environment)
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Sensitivity -87dbm


This product MH-M18 is a low-power Bluetooth design solution, supporting the latest Bluetooth 4.2 transmission, two-channel stereo lossless playback, Bluetooth connection after the module is connected to Bluetooth, very convenient. In an open environment, the Bluetooth connection distance can be up to 20 meters.
Widely used in a variety of Bluetooth audio reception, a variety of audio DIY modification.

1KEYButton control terminal (4 button functions, additional resistors such as wiring diagram)
2MUTEMute control terminal (output high level 3.3V when muting, output low level during playback)
3VCCPositive power supply 5V (lithium battery 3.7V power supply requires short circuit diode)
4GNDPower negative / audio signal ground
5LLeft channel output
6RRight channel output

Function Description:
Bluetooth V4.2 version, supports Bluetooth automatic connection technology, supports WAV/WMA/FLAC/APE/MP3 lossless decoding, stereo dual channel output.
After the module is powered on, the mobile phone searches for the Bluetooth name MH-M18/MH-M28/MH-M38, and can play music after connecting Bluetooth.
Package includes:

3 x M18 Module

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