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1. Support MPPT maximum power point tracking function, which can greatly improve solar energy conversion efficiency
2. Support solar panel / power adapter / USB multiple charging methods
3. Applicable to 6V~24V solar panels, can be connected through DC-002 power socket or terminal block
4. On-board MPPT SET setting switch, switch to the gear close to the input voltage, the charging efficiency is higher
5. On-board pin header and USB two-port 5V voltage output interface for user convenience
6. On-board high-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitors and chip ceramic capacitors reduce ripple and work more stably
7. Onboard 14500 battery holder and PH2.0 battery socket for easy access to a variety of 3.7V lithium batteries
8. Onboard multiple status indicators for easy viewing of solar panels and battery status
9. On-board over-charge / over-discharge / anti-reverse / over-temperature / over-current protection circuit, stable and safe

Solar panel input voltage (SOLAR IN): 6V~24V
Micro USB input voltage (USB IN): 5V
Pin header / USB output (USB OUT): 5V 1A
Charge cut-off protection voltage: 4.2V ± 1%
Over-discharge protection voltage: 2.9V ± 1%
Solar panel charging efficiency: about 78%
USB charging efficiency: about 82%
3.7V battery boost output efficiency: about 86%
Maximum quiescent current: <2mA
Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C
Size: 65.2mm × 56.2mm × 22.9mm

Package includes:

1 x Power supply board

Interface Introduction:
1. Solar charging interface
Can be connected to the solar panel through DC-002 power ground or terminal block for charging
2.USB charging interface
Charging via a Micro USB port with a 5V power adapter
3. 5V, 1A power output interface
Stable 5W1A power supply for external output via USB port or 2.54mm row
4. Battery interface
3.7V lithium battery can be connected through PH2.0 or 14500 battery holder
Device Description:
5. CS8501
USB power management chip for USB charging and boosting 5V/1A output
6. CN3791
Solar management chip for solar panel charging and step-down input
7. Lithium battery protection chip
Lithium battery overcharge / over discharge protection
8. Battery switch
9. MPPTSET setting switch (back)
Support 6V/9V/12V/18V/24V gear setting, switch to gear close to input voltage, and charge more efficiently
10.BOOT button
11. Battery level indicator
12. USB charging indicator
USB Charge: Lights up when charging via USB
USBDone: Lights up after charging via USB
13. Solar panel status light
Solar Charge: Lights up when charging through solar panels
Solar Done: Lights up after being filled by solar panels
Solar Warning: Lights up when the solar panel is reversed
14. Battery warning light
Lights up when the battery is reversed
15. Power output status light
5W1A output

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