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Wide voltage input DC4.8-30V, wide voltage output 0.5-30V, can both boost and step down. For example, if you adjust the output voltage to 18V, then the input voltage will change between 5-30V and will output 18V constant; For example, if you input 12V, adjust the potentiometer to set any output of 0.5-30V.
High power, high efficiency and better performance than the XL6009/LM2577 solution. It uses an external high-power MOS to package large current and high-voltage Schottky diodes.
The current can be set to limit the output current, constant current drive, battery charging and other occasions.
It has its own output anti-backflow function, so you don't need to add anti-backflow diode when charging the battery.


Input voltage: 4.8-30V
Output voltage: 0.5-30V
Output current: can work stably at 3A for a long time, and can up to 4A under enhanced heat dissipation
Output power: natural heat dissipation 35W, enhanced heat dissipation 60W
Conversion efficiency: about 88%
Short circuit protection: Yes
Working frequency: 180KHZ
Dimensions: 68 x 37 x 22mm (L*W*H), mounting aperture: 3mm
Weight 38.7g

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1 x Module

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